We are passionate about raising up teams of people who can lead and grow the vision and heart of the church, connecting with their purposes in God.  We have several teams that run elements of the church...
These teams include...
Creative (Worship and Sunday Service Production)
Our creatives are led by an amazing team who engage with excellence, passion and a heart to grow a vision for worship that extends beyond Sunday services.
Missions and Outreach (Local Outreach, Missions, Building Collaborations)
We work with local organisations to support those who are doing amazing things. We engage with building and resource collaborations, financial support and through partnering with people and events.
Inspire Kids (Pastoral and Curriculum)
Our kids church is an amazing space for kids to grow. It is a place of passion, fun, creativity, friends, imagination and Jesus. We nurture them in what it means to have a relationship with God that is active and engaged with loving those around them.  
Hospitality (Hosts and Crew)
Our Hospitality team is the face of the church. They welcome, engage and carry the vision and heartbeat of what it is to be a part of this incredible community.
Media and Communications (Media, Creative Arts, Social Media, Web and App)
This new and growing team work together with their design expertise to navigate the web and communications. As this team grows they will engage artists and photographers within the church to collaborate on exhibitions, communication challenges and social media narratives.
Pastoral (Life-Together, Vision, Preaching and Teaching, Care and Support)
We value team, and know that a church is only as good as it's unity. Our life-group leaders, pastors and team leaders work together closely to create a nurturing environment that welcomes all people, in all stages of their life to encounter God where they are at.
Board (Oversight, Finances, Legal, Pastoral Support and Wellness)
Our Board is a diverse/ dynamic team that represents a cross section of the ages, genders, ethnicities and life-stages of people within our community.  They ensure that we are healthy, financially and legally accountable and and living according to our vision and heartbeats.