Our team

Pastors, Leaders & Teams

Hamish and Haidee Betts

Senior Pastors

We feel so privileged to be able to call Inspire our home church. In 2011 we planted Inspire with the vision to grow a church that would value and love God and people at its core. to be a place where people step into the reality of what it means to passionately live close to God whilst going through the everyday challenges and circumstances of life.
We hope to see you soon - Pastors Hamish and Haidee

Cory and Rob Albright

Youth Pastors

Cory and Rob exemplify a passionate love for life and God. You cannot spend time with them without feeling inspired. Our youth flourish under their encouragement, enthusiasm and care. Youth is a place where they can be safe and understood whilst being loved and nurtured to become who they are created to be.
Cory also serves as our Worship Mentor; working beside the Creative team to foster a culture or worship that transcends the worries of everyday life. 

Accounts and Admin

Keeping Everything Together

Our Admin team work closely with the church board and ministry teams to ensure that everything flows. If you ever have questions about giving, communications, or the church communications... This is your first stop, they'll make sure your message gets where it needs to go.


Our Amazing Church

We are passionate about raising up teams of people who can lead and grow the vision and heart of the church, connecting with their purposes in God.  We have several teams that run elements of the church...
These teams include...
Creative (Worship and Sunday Service Production)
Missions and Outreach (Local Outreach, Missions, Building Collaborations)
Inspire Kids (Pastoral and Curriculum)
Hospitality (Hosts and Crew)
Pastoral (Lifegroups, Vision, Preaching and Teaching, Care and Support)
Vision Team (Oversight, Finances, Legal, Pastoral Support and Wellness)